Dignity for Children in Crisis

We give dignity to children in crisis.

Initiative 1: Crisis Support

We Care. You are Valued. You Belong Here.

One of the hardest days a child may face is being displaced from their home. Partnering with various intervention agencies in Alberta, I Belong Bags can provide backpacks filled with essential and comfort items for children that need to feel noticed, cared for, and acknowledged.

We also supply compact backpacks to child crisis intervention staff so children have something to pack their possessions in rather than a garbage bag.

“If you speak to young adults or older children or anybody that’s gone through the system, that’s one of the most traumatic things for them is to be given a plastic bag and you pack your world into a plastic bag and off you go.”

Children’s Cottage Society

Initiative 2: School Programs

Educating Early and Often.

By helping our youth understand the social impacts of mental health and wellness, our aim is to effectively equip the next generation with the knowledge and compassion needed to support those in need.

Having schools within Alberta raise awareness, resources, and funds, I Belong Bags’ can grow to reach many more in need and students are given the opportunity to directly impact their community.